James McVey test drives his dream car

Many fans of The Vamps will know, that James McVey, who makes up 1/4 of the band has an extreme love for cars, very extreme almost as much as he adores cars.

You can often find him admiring the newest cars, particularly if you follow him on Twitter! He often tweets about cars, particularly admiring their beauty.

Viewing this evidence we are able to see that James truly has an extreme love for cars, getting pumped over the latest models available.

You cannot imagine his excitement when he was given the opportunity to test drive the car he had been tweeting about so often. Yes, the Alfa Romeo 4c.

We bet you cannot imagine his excitement! He is no longer a boy without (test driving) a car of his dreams! (You see what we did there, with our song reference?)

James likened himself to a ‘granny’ after driving along the track compared to other drivers. None the less, he looks incredibly smiley.

James McVey's Fast Car! 1

What do you think of James’ experience? What would your dream car be? 

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Written by CelebMix