January’s Top 10 Covers of ‘Paris’ by The Chainsmokers

Earlier this month The Chainsmokers released a lyric video for their new song Paris. They have also recently announced a new album and a tour!

They explained on Twitter that “Paris is a metaphor for that place u go to where everything’s ok. It’s subjective. It’s where those who don’t understand u don’t exist.”

Since its release, it has climbed the charts and been covered by many different people on YouTube. As well as smaller artists, ‘Paris’ has also been covered by the likes of Alex Aiono, James McVey and Austin Corini.

We’ve listened to a whole load of covers of the song and have decided to share the best of them with you!

Adam Christopher ft. Ashlynn

Alexander Stewart


Victoria Skie

John Buckley

Felicia Lu


Julius Cowdrey

Alec Chambers

Annie Sollange

Demi van Wijngaarden



We found so many amazing covers and it’s definitely worth checking out all of the artists!
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Written by CelebMix