Jared Dylan: Exclusive

Jared Dylan is absolutely an artist to watch! We got to chatting with him and big things are coming his way.

Describe to us your style of music.
I am a Pop Rock influenced Singer/Songrwriter

You just released a new single. Tell us about it.
‘Luna Loves Me’ is a song about a great girl I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. She is one of my best friends and we are always in touch and she tells me she loves me every chance she gets! Everyone should have a friend like her. The song itself personifies the moon as my love interest, mostly because the girl the song is about is my best friend, Luna. But it also captures how we share a unique relationship where I don’t need to see her all the time to know she’ll always be there for me. Its kind of an experimental follow up to “Symphony” which had a great run on Radio Disney and national radio stations.

What would you say is the best part about performing live?
The best part of performing live is having someone to hear the music. lol. Finding those people who connect or relate to the songs i’ve poured so much of myself into are what actually makes each track special to me.

Where would be your dream place to tour?
I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand but any tropical locations would be ideal places to tour. England and Australia are cool too. There is a definitely a different appreciation for music internationally.

You are a killer songwriter. What is your favorite song you’ve ever written?
I cannot choose favorites. They are all my children and whether I want to or not I must love them equally (jokingly) – Honestly my favorite song is usually the next one. I get very excited about what is happening in front of me and I’m just looking to keep that feeling.

Do you ever feel pressure about being too personal in songwriting?
To me, the best art is the most personal/vulnerable. I definitely push myself to be brutally honest in my lyrics but I often mask the truth with clever word play or puns.

Tell us about “50 Song Summer Challenge”. Sounds intense!
I have recently been challenged to write 50 songs in about 100 days. You have to be a special kind of crazy to be that creative. I predict this will likely be the first and last time I accept a challenge like this. They have to be GOOD songs so yes, intense is a good word for it! I’ll be posting daily progress on Instagram (@jrddyln) and Snapchat (jrddyln) and weekly updates on YouTube (JaredDylanMusic). It should be fun because I’ll be working with so many other artists, songwriters, and producers to reach my goal. We also have some location surprises planned. Hopefully I’ll end up with the material for my next album when all is done.

Since you literally just graduated college, what’s the future looking like?
I graduated on Friday and they told me I was opening for Jordan Fisher on Monday! He’s super talented and I’m really excited to get to work with him. I’ll be playing shows around the U.S. throughout the summer while writing, recording, and collaborating as much as possible. I think they are going to try and keep me close to NY and my studio during the summer. It’s important to me that I still go out and live my life so that I have experience to draw from creatively. I am very blessed to have a great team of people who have been waiting for me to finish college so I could pursue my dreams full time.

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