Jared Leto sets off on a hitchhiking tour across America

Jared Leto is planning to hitchhike across America in honor of his band Thirty Seconds to Mars releasing its new album.

 “I figured what better way to celebrate America than to kind of travel around and ask people about their lives. I’m actually doing this. This isn’t a gag. People are gonna watch this and think it’s a gag, [but] I’m actually doing this.” – Leto said.

The singer launched his weeklong tour of America from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday. For his first ride, the singer hopped into a minivan with A$AP Rocky. Later he performed  “Walk on Water” in Penn Station, strolled through New York’s streets and met fans in Times Square.

Leto is continuing on to Cleveland, where he will visit the Rock of Roll Hall of Fame and the trip will culminate with 30 Seconds to Mars performing in Los Angeles on April 6.

30 Seconds to Mars’s newest album “America” debuts April 6.

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Written by Caroline