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Why Jay McGuiness is Your Perfect Valentine

Jay McGuiness, best known for being 1/5 of boyband The Wanted, has been melting the hearts of his fans for years. Most recently, he became the new nation’s sweetheart after winning Strictly Come Dancing 2015, wowing the public with his heartfelt and moving dances week after week.

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There is no doubt that Jay would make a perfect Valentine – not only is he physically beautiful with his cute curls and gorgeous blue eyes, but he has the kindest heart and the warmest hugs to match.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s five reasons why Jay McGuiness is everyone’s perfect Valentine.


5. His face is a gift from God

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Jay is a beautiful specimen and super handsome at that. You will be mesmerised by his stunning blue eyes and his smile will also melt your heart. His hair has been a talking point in the past – he grew his hair quite long, which still looked cute but he looks even more gorgeous with shorter curls.  Jay also rocks the rugged look, with his stubble/beard and numerous tattoos. His dress sense is quirky at times, but he always manages to look good no matter what he wears. The list is endless!

4. He will make you laugh

There’s never a dull moment when Jay’s around. Known for being a joker, Jay is always telling lame jokes or pulling silly pranks. His sense of humour can be quite cheeky but you are guaranteed to always be laughing when in Jay’s company. Even when he’s not clowning around,  he’s known for being super clumsy so he might make you laugh unintentionally by tripping over!

3. He always loses his phone

This might sound like a weird point to make, but Jay is infamous for losing his mobile phone (we’ve lost count of how many phones he’s gone through over the past few years!). In an age where people are glued to their phones and social media, you’d pretty much be safe in the knowledge that you could spend uninterrupted time with Jay. It’s unlikely that he’d palm you off for social media as he never has a phone on him, so you would have his undivided attention!

2. The boy can sing AND dance

Jay will sweep you off your feet – literally. The dance skills he showed during his time on Strictly are enough to make anyone swoon. How someone can be so masterful yet elegant is beyond us! He demonstrated so many dances during Strictly – whilst his Jive is the one most people remember, we wouldn’t mind having a good old Rumba with him!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O21dGiEdE4c]

Of course, Jay is also a double threat as he has the voice of an angel. It didn’t always get showcased as much as we would have liked in The Wanted’s songs but take a listen to some album tracks and he will give you goosebumps. One of our favourites is ‘Only You’ from Word of Mouth – it was originally called ‘Out of Time’ and when a demo featuring Jay’s vocals leaked on the internet, we went crazy for it! His vocals are so underrated, he can serenade us whenever he wants to.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeY63k88A8Q]

1. He’s an absolute sweetheart

If you haven’t already realised, Jay McGuiness is an absolute sweetheart. He is so unassuming and has one of the biggest hearts out there. Remember that time Jay had some stick for growing his hair long? Just when we thought we couldn’t love him anymore than we already did, he went and cut his hair and donated it to make wigs for children with hair loss due to cancer treatment or alopecia.

Jay is also the patron for the Children’s Bereavement Centre in Newark. He is a vegetarian and has a history of being an animal lover. He regularly dog-sits for fellow TW member Siva, and Jay used to have a lovely pet lizard called Tia who sadly passed away (although the lizard tattoo on his arm is a lasting memory of his beloved pet).

He has a wonderful relationship with his family, and anyone who’s a family man is a great Valentine in our eyes. He is also so kind towards his fans. Obviously, you’re supposed to be nice to your fans but Jay goes above and beyond. We challenge you to find one fan who’s had a bad experience when meeting Jay – it’s mission impossible! Jay is nothing less than a sweetheart to those who support him, and is always ready to squeeze the life out of you (in the best way possible) with one of his famous bear hugs.


We could go on and on (and on!), but the truth is that Jay is one of the most sincere, genuine and precious people in the world and that is why he’s so worthy of being anyone’s Valentine this year (although you’ll have to fight us for him first!)

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Written by Katrina Rees

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