Jazz Mino
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Jazz Mino Debuts Edgy Feel-Good Track “Misunderstand”

We at CelebMix love her. And you love her too. So we are more than just happy to announce that one of our favorite up-and-coming artists of the year is finally back with a brand new track. She even brought a new era along with her.

In case you have not figured out who we are talking about just yet: It is obviously the one and only, the lovely Jazz Mino. Today, she debuted a song called “Misunderstand” and is taking us, as usual, into a different color scheme.

Co-written by Dan Goudie, who was recently awarded two awards for his songwriting efforts on Peking Duk’s “Stranger”, “Misunderstand” leads us into a slightly edgier part of Jazz’s world. “It’s about overcoming rejecting which is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while“, the artist says about the creation of the track. “I think with social media being our window to people’s lifestyles, it’s so easy to imagine that people in the public eye live this sort of ‘perfect life’.” In order to truly show her fans who she is, she therefore created her new track. “Misunderstand shows a different, more vulnerable side to me, which I’ve never really shown to my listeners and fans before.

But, don’t be fooled by the slightly darker toner of the lyrics. “Misunderstand” musically remains in Jazz’ typical feel-good vibes that we have loved since day one. Filled with an easy-going electro-pop drop and a hook so catchy you might just forget the intensity of the lyrics, Jazz Mino’s new song is a song that came just in time for the warmer weather and is bound to end up on a lot of summer playlists this year. The yellow theme perfectly accents this optimistic and happy attitude of the music.

Listen to “Misunderstand” down below:


“Misunderstand”  is now available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer/platform of your choice.
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