Jedward Could be Your Super Heroes

Something Jepic is happening on Planet Jedward, although we’re not quite sure what.  Following the UK and Irish media going a bit mad over their change of hairstyle yesterday (see the above pic), and the news about Sharknado 3 being released on July 22 with the title, “Oh Hell No!”, fans this side of the Atlantic woke to discover that BFF Tara Reid had met up with comic legend, Stan Lee, as well as the original Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno.  And it seems that the Dynamic Dublin Duo may well have met Mr Lee too, according to those they’ve most recently followed on Twitter.

John and Edward posted on their Instagram:


Is there a superhero role in mind for our own Jepic Twins?  Or is something else afoot entirely?  Whatever is happening it seems it’s pretty exciting!

Written by CelebMix