Jedward on Their Bond, Fans, & Sharknado 3!

With the third instalment in the Sharknado franchise about to hit the Syfy channel next week, Dynamic Dublin Duo Jedward talked about the highlights of making the sharky flick.

John and Edward spoke to Star Magazine about what it was like working on camera with BFF Tara Reid, saying that, ‘as soon as she’s on set, she’s in the zone’. They also added that they enjoyed working with David Hasselhoff, and said they all went out on St Patrick’s Day and had an awesome night in LA. They would definitely love to do more acting, and feel that Sharknado is as good a place as any to start.

In their latest music video, ‘Oh Hell No’, their tie-in song for Sharknado 3, the twins are seen coming to blows in a real dust up. When asked if they ever fought like that in real life, Edward said,

‘When we were kids we argued over toys, but we don’t have unnecessary arguments now. We might bicker about whether we need to do something, because we work as a team’.

John and Edward were asked what some of their weirdest fan gifts were, and listed Taylor Swift memorabilia, personally delivered cakes, and underwear as among the most unexpected presents they’ve received.

Sharknado 3 will be screened on Syfy in the US on the 22nd of July, with the rest of the world seeing it the following evening. ‘Oh Hell No’ is currently available to preorder on iTunes, and will be released on 22 July to coincide with the US screenings.

Check out the video for ‘Oh Hell No’ here:



Written by CelebMix