Jedward Sport Different Hair Shock!

Okay, regular readers of the Jedward news on this site will know that John and Edward have been wearing their hair in lots of different ways for the past year or so. Even – shock horror – different to each other. But for some reason this is making big news today as the Dublin Duo make their way around Hollywood, where they are currently recording music in preparation for taking on their Eurovision challenge later this month.

The twins posted several photos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, illustrating the different styling they’ve chosen to go with recently.

Quite frankly, we’re a bit envious of the amount of volume John is able to get in his hair, and want some styling tips. PLEASE.

What do you think of their dos? Let us know!

Watch their most recent music video, ‘Leave A Mark’. Note: *Lots* of differing hair styles here!

Written by CelebMix