Jedward Talk Sharknado

Speaking on Irish TV last night, John and Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, said that they were the only cameo actors in the latest instalment of the Sharknado franchise not to get eaten, possibly paving the way for something more for them in subsequent sequels.

The Dublin Duo also spoke about their recent modelling experience with French couturier, Jean-Paul Gaultier, saying he was so impressed with the pair that there might be further catwalk opportunities.

On TV3’s ‘Xposé’, John told host Peter O’Riordan that NBC , owner of the Syfy channel, approached them to record a song for Sharknado 3, because they liked the lyrical content of another of Jedward’s songs, ‘Ferocious’. The twins came up with ‘Oh Hell No’, which features a catchy rap. The video sees the pair battle it out in a dark alleyway.

Edward went on to say that it’s important to consider where the song will feature in a film, because it has to fit the scene.

“That’s what makes the movie, it’s the music, if you look at any good movie it has a really good soundtrack.”

John added, ‘They’re playing our song I think three times in the movie, which is really great to think that our song will be in such an iconic film.”

The twins then went on to talk about how Ed Sheeran tweeted about ‘Oh Hell No’, and said it was Jepic.

“It’s funny how some people in Ireland don’t know some of our songs but Ed knows all of them, so that’s amazing,” said John.

John and Edward recently conducted a whirlwind tour of 17 European airports, visiting fans. They are currently in the planning stages for a concert tour later this summer.

Sharknado 3 screens on the Syfy channel in the United States on 22 July, before the rest of the world on 23 July. ‘Oh Hell No’, by Jedward, is available to preorder now on iTunes, and released on 22 July.

Written by CelebMix