Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Twitter

If you’re a fan of hit television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural or movies like P.S I Love You and Watchmen, the name Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not only familiar, but well enjoyed. From playing heart warming Denny Duquette who fell in love with Izzie Stephens on Grey’s to Eddie Blake, a comedian mercenary in Watchmen, he completely draws viewers in and steals their hearts with his natural charisma brought to each character he embodies.

Most recently, Morgan took on the role of Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead which meant he was immediately hailed the worst villain the show’s history. Negan brings with him a sense of fear, doom, and gore – and that’s only in the first few moments we see him on screen. The buzz around his character grew immediately, especially in the Twitter-Sphere but Morgan was an absent part of the equation, until now.

The official Twitter account for Morgan went live seemingly moments ago and his follower count is growing by the second!

The account, is already verified proving that it is, in fact, Morgan joining the social media platform and he did so just in time! In a recent interview, he told fans of TWD, of season 7, it’s “fu—- Negan’s world now” and he’s already a character fans are embodying at comic con’s and on their own social media accounts. In addition to season 7 coming up in October, Fan Fest just announced that Morgan would be joining Walker Stalker in Atlanta. Fans anticipated his guest spot at the convention but didn’t want to get too excited too soon, now, they’ve got yet another thing to look forward to in just under three months!

Morgan hasn’t made a post just yet but his header is a photo of Negan’s back and a vulnerable set of characters we’ve all grown to love on TWD and his icon is a photo of him and an adorable dog.

While Negan is supposed to be a hated character in season 7, something stands out that makes us question whether or not it will be as easy as some fans expect to feel disdain for him.  He’s a leader, much like Rick or Daryl and while his method of “the kill” and punishment is definitely different, it achieves the same effect at the end of the day.  Plus, Morgan’s easy to like vibe isn’t easily hidden.

We have a feeling he will be using his Twitter a lot more in the upcoming weeks/months and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.