Jennifer Lopez Releases “Ain’t Your Mama” Video!

Jennifer Lopez, aka J Lo, aka Jenny From The Block, has finally released the music video for her new single “Ain’t Your Mama” after weeks of teasing it on Twitter and Instagram!

The video sees Lopez play several different 50’s style characters, including donning a blonde, Marilyn Monroe style wig to play a housewife tired of being taken advantage of by her husband.

The song, a feminist anthem denouncing the expectations on women to cook and clean and perform other house hold duties whether they want to or not, see’s it’s message emphasised even further in the music video, in which Jennifer is seen facing such scenarios as sexism in the work place and slowly breaking away from traditional gender roles at home, before rallying other mistreated women to her cause, inspiring them to stick up for themselves and ending with a march/dance sequence in protest.

To emphasise even further the feminist and political message behind the song and video, JLo even included excerpts of a Hillary Rodham Clinton speech from 1995 urging for equality near the start of the video!

The video can be viewed in full below, and the song is available to download now.


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Written by CelebMix