Jennifer MacDougal Talks Perfect Fall Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

As we begin saying goodbye to summer it’s time to start looking into what fall style and beauty trends are going to be hot in 2016.  From color-melts and daring hair colors to bold lipsticks and nail polish; what’s in this autumn is all about being confident and embracing these wow-worthy looks.

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We spent some time researching these trends and scouring through Instagram and Pinterest to find out what looks we anticipate to see on everyone from our neighbors to our favorite celebrities on the red carpet. If you’re feeling bold you can go for the sunset look, deep shades of denim, or even vibrant red violets this fall, all of these colors will not only be in style; but give you the new look of your dreams and a kick of confidence in the same go!

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To top that off, we got lucky enough to speak with Jennifer MacDougal, a celebrity hairstylist, about exactly which trends we should be looking out for and how to get the looks on a budget.  She’s a woman responsible for some of the coolest hairstyles on everyone from Naomi Campbell and Alexander Wang to Melissa Rivers and Jerry Seinfeld.

Sally’s Beauty not only has the colors you need for your hair, but to complete your entire make up look, and they’ve made it easy for you to find it all by sectioning off three of the top trends we’re already falling in love with.

If you want to find more inspiration of your own you can go to Sally’s Instagram, or search denim hair, red violet hair, and color melt on Instagram; there’s something for everyone.

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Written by Ashley

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