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Jerad Finck Shares Sonically Conscious Anthem ‘New Kids’

Following up the success of his previous hit single ‘Home’, Spokane born singer Jerad Finck is back with the sonically conscious song ‘New Kids’. A track that acts as a rally cry to the youth of today, ‘New Kids’ encourages the younger generation to stand up and make their voices heard and stand together in solidarity in the face of adversities. 

‘New Kids’ is a song which speaks volumes. A true call to arms, the songs infectious hook speaks to a generation of advocates and activists taking control of their own destiny. The track’s motivational lyrics are sung by Finck with fiery passion, over the top of an anthemic mix of synths, guitars and bass’ before the lyrics take over once more enforcing their powerful message with the utmost purpose. 

Remixed by the highly popular UK duo Seawaves, the song takes on a whole other life form in the pair’s version of Finck’s single. Sitting comfortably at 20k Spotify streams and counting, the song was released in support of EveryTown For Gun Safety, a non-profit charity close to Jerad’s heart.  

Jerad Finck proves once again that his music has meaning. With his raw lyrical content and hard working ethic, Finck is much more than just an average pop star. Speaking off the back off the tracks inspiration, Jerad states “I felt like I had so much to say with everything going on in the world, and nothing speaks louder than music. I’ve really dove deep into mixing analogue sounds and synths with new modulation tools to really create sounds that were my own.”

Check out Jerad Finck’s latest single ‘New Kids’ here.

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