Jessica Ennis-Hill Announces Her Retirement

It is a sad day for athletes around the world, as gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill has announced that she is retiring from all Athletics. She announced the bittersweet news on her Instagram account this morning and has since been flooded with messages of support from friends and fans alike.

As one of the most recognisable faces in British sport, her achievements seem never-ending. She is the current World Heptathlon Champion, a former Olympic and European Heptathlon Champion, a former World Indoor Pentathlon Champion, and the current British record holder for the Heptathlon… We need to catch our breaths after reading that!

Following her announcement, Neil Black who is a performance director for the British Athletics said, “her record as an athlete is phenomenal and that’s without considering the challenges of returning from her pregnancy to win a World gold and an Olympic silver medal. I’d like to thank her not only for her contribution to the Great Britain team over the years, but additionally for being a great person to work with, know, and support.”

The athlete previously hinted at a retirement after she won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics back in August this year, but having it actually confirmed bought tears to our eyes. She revealed the news on her Instagram account this morning by posting this moving message:

BBC Athletics commentator Brendan Foster put into words what we were all feeling after the news broke by describing her as, “one of the all-time British greats.”

He then added that Ennis-Hill was a pleasure to be around and that, “the sport will miss her, the British public will miss her, but I’m sure that she is doing the right thing. It’s a sad day for sport but a great day for her.”

While nobody knows what is next for the mother of one, Foster said that he believes she will have a future role to play in athletics because she is, “a huge asset,” to it and we couldn’t agree more.

Her coach Toni Minichiello also posted a touching tribute which you can read here. Who else needs a tissue?

So here’s to Jessica Ennis-Hill, one of the greatest British athletes of our time.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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