Jessie J Moves On From Tinie Tempah’s Management

When things aren’t going as planned, you do things differently. And that is what Jessie J is doing by calling it quits with her management, Disturbing London.

Disturbing London is an entertainment and management label co-founded in 2006 by English rapper, Tinie Tempah, and music mogul Dumi Oburota.

Last year, Jessie J signed with Disturbing London and found herself unleash a worldwide top hit with “Bang Bang”. However, after finishing up numerous shows and festivals stemming from her album, Sweet Talker, Jessie J has decided to bring her relationship with Disturbing London to an end.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Tinie Tempah spoke about the split:

“My manager was taking care of her. And at the time there was a lot going on. I haven’t really spoken to her since they stopped working together. So I don’t really have feelings towards it. People are managed by different people all the time, it’s quite a normal part of the game.”

Regardless of the situation, we hope Jessie J all the best and wish nothing but even more successful years in her career like the one she is currently having. With an incomparable talent like hers, success will continue to follow.

Written by CelebMix