Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson: An Underrated Vocalist With A Killer Range

Jesy Nelson is the beat-boxing multi-talented performer and singer from ultimate girl band Little Mix. We love Jesy for her unique voice, including that haunting vibrato, but that extra soulful vibe she brings to the entire Little Mix discography.

Overall, Nelson usually covers the lower part of the Little Mix harmonies. But her smooth and sometimes quiet voice should NEVER be underestimated. Why? Well, because her (and every other Little Mix member) all contribute to the overall sound of the band.

So essentially, if one member of the group were to be missing, a core part of Little Mix would be gone. It’s the truth of all truths!

Anyway, check out this amazing YouTube video featuring some of Jesy’s BEST vocal moments.

So now let’s talk about that KILLER vocal range. Jesy Nelson has actually delved into using her higher range often so highlighted in their new album, Get Weird.

For example, in their song ‘I Love You’, an 80’s inspired synth pop/ballad banger, Nelson showcases her upper range exquisitely. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out the video below and head to 2:30 to hear it all!

It’s really amazing to see how much control she has over her higher range as it can be quite hard to control (in a singers point of view). Overall, “Jesy possesses a wispy and distinctive voice. She has exceptional comfort in her lower range and her signature vibrato is sustained throughout her whole voice. Her voice is one of the most unique out there”.

Let’s continue onto the highlighting glory of ‘Secret Love Song’, where Mrs. Nelson hits the ULTIMATE note. She’s even hit it live before (click here if you don’t believe us).

Overall, Jesy Nelson’s voice should be a tad more appreciated in our opinion. Plus, it wouldn’t be Little Mix without that gorgeous voice!

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Written by Dannii C.

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