Jimmy Fallon Awarded ‘Emperor of Comedy’

On Saturday, October 24th, James ‘Jimmy’ Fallon was awarded Emperor of Comedy by Harvard Lampoon. He traveled by chariot, as any emperor would.

Fallon was presented with a giant sized check for 85 cents for his prize, just in case the title ‘Emperor of Comedy’ isn’t enough, he can now buy a pack of gum at a cheap gas station, or as Fallon stated, “I could get a sugar packet at Starbucks. This is amazing.”

During the award ceremony, Sierra L. Katow, president of the Lampoon, began reciting some Thank You Notes to Fallon, a spoof off of his own segment on The Tonight Show.

A imitation diploma was awarded to Fallon as well, and since Harvard Lampoon has a sense of humor, it was written for ‘Jimmy Kimmel’, the other Jimmy on late night television and Fallon’s ‘rival’.

This award was quite the honor, only the funniest of the funny have the title of being the Emperor of Comedy. A few of the other comedians in this elite club are Robin Williams, Jay Leno, and Billy Crystal.

When Fallon was awarded with the trophy, he gave a short speech where he thanked Harvard, and claimed it a great day for America. To finish up his award ceremony, Fallon himself conducted the Harvard band.

He is now not only Jimmy Fallon, SNL alum, The Tonight Show host, nice guy, and handsome face, but also now the Emperor of Comedy.

You can find some photo and video on Fallon’s snapchat (@fallonsnap) and his instagram (@jimmyfallon).

Congrats, Jimmy.


Written by CelebMix