Joanne Prada: Taking Over The World As America’s Queen

If you haven’t been following Joanne Prada, then you are missing out dear friends. Not only is she absolutely hilarious, she is a pop queen as well as one of the best scammers in the world. Correction – she IS the best scammer in the world.

Her craigslist ad features her confidently boasting that she lives for drama and that’s it’s an overdose she can’t live without. There are many motto’s for Joanne Prada but we’d like to say the following Joanne Prada tweet says it all.

It’s a little weird that Joanne Prada has YET to be certified on Twitter as she is America’s next icon but we believe it will happen shortly. If not, Joanne might just end up scamming Twitter anyway. She has the resources.

But in our opinion, she doesn’t need to be certified on Twitter. She’s already certified by her huge following over the world. Just check out all the amazing comments of fans.

From inspiring teachers to students and writing scholarly articles, Joanne Prada has certainly made an impact worldwide and we’re proud to see it.

As we mentioned above, Joanne is also a pop queen and has a SoundCloud full of hits including our favorites ‘Voodoo Pussy’ and ‘Pop That Box’. If you haven’t heard her latest tracks, give them a listen! You’ll be dancing and making videos all night long.

In her recent adventure, Miss Prada got away with an iPhone!

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.