Joe Jonas Appears On The Cover of #legend August

Joe Jonas is on the cover of #legend for the month of August and also has an interview. During this interview, the 26-year-old singer discusses life before and during DNCE as well as what is to be expected from the band.

Joe Jonas Appears On The Cover of #legend August 2

Jonas became famous in 2005 when he started a band with two of his brothers, The Jonas Brothers. The band stayed together for eight years and gained popularity worldwide. During those eight years, they went on six tours being the opening act and then nine headlining tours.

During his interview with #legend, Joe Jonas compared what it was like to a part of the Jonas Brothers to being a part of DNCE. After being famous from the Jonas Brothers, he was already aware of what it was like to be in the spotlight, but this time is not the same as last.

I live every day by day, no matter if it’s relationships or music. As long as you’re happy and you feel comfortable, that’s what matters. I think back then, it really affected the way I lived.

Jonas also discussed having control over the sound of his music during his interview.

I would say that now that I’m older, there’s been a big difference too. I’ve come to understand myself a little bit more and that helps being creative in the studio because you’re not so worried about what exactly you’ll be creating.

Jonas told #legend about the formation of his latest band, DNCE which reached radio stations in 2016. Their first single, Cake By the Ocean was released in September of 2015 and on the radio by January.

Joe Jonas Appears On The Cover of #legend August 3

After this song was written, Jonas called a few of his friends to help him play the song, not intending on making forming a band. As we can see now, their plans changed since they are touring with Selena Gomez.

In July, Joe Jonas confirmed DNCE will be releasing an album. Which brings up another important question, is the band still writing? To answer that question, yes, Jonas confirmed that they are always writing and always trying to stay inspired.

I get inspiration from a lot of different things: relationships, it can be a beautiful view, it could be a song I heard and I find inspiration from that, it could be a love that’s past, it could be health, it could be a simple feeling, it could be a look from someone on the street, I feel like it’s many different things for me and it’s constantly changing.

We cannot wait to hear what the different inspirations have done to help shape their upcoming album! If you would like to read the full interview it is on the #legend website. Please tweet us any comments you may have @CelebMix!

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