John Bommarito — The Star of the Automotive World

John Bommarito’s rise to fame is a result of him never stopping. No matter how much success in life he saw, he still kept running forward. 

As a result, he brought the Bommarito Automotive Group to become Missouri’s #1 choice for consumers in all of their automotive needs. Plus, he started two NASCAR teams and changed the racing world in his home town for years to come.

It all started at the age of 12. John grew up in a family that valued a hard and continuous work ethic, which is why John found himself washing cars at his father’s business—the Bommarito Automotive Group—after school.

At 15, he was promoted to the service department where he learned the “backbone” of the family business. But, just because he had a job and was a full-time student, did not mean that one or the other suffered. Instead, he excelled at both.

He ended up graduating High School in the top two percent of his class. He then went on to pursue a degree in the Psychology/Premedical area and graduated with honors.

John was accepted to Stanford University Medical School but, having strong desires to get back into the automotive industry, he decided to return to the family business.

He quickly rose up through the ranks and gained a reputation for increasing sales wherever he went. Even General Motors noticed John’s accomplishments and approached him with an offer to buy a failing Oldsmobile-Cadillac store. 

At the time, the store was only selling around 25 units a month. But, John saw its potential and decided to buy it. Shortly after, he negotiated a deal with Mazda. The rest is history. Today, the store is selling over 280 units a month.

After bringing the Bommarito Automotive Group to the top, he decided to make his mark in an industry known for hosting the fastest cars in the world—NASCAR.

He befriended Curtis Francois—who is the CEO and owner of the Gateway Motorsports Park—and negotiated a multi-year agreement that led to an international and world-class INDYCAR series event, which rose to become the third largest attended race in the series. Then quickly partner with him to continue to grow what is now World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway Motorsports Park. One of the only venues in the US to host  NHRA, INDYCAR AND NASCAR, all in the same year plus over 300 more events.


Competitors from all around the world including France, Japan, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and more came to participate in the Bommarito 500 Indy Car event. The event was so widely successful in 2017 that it landed John with the title of “Director of the St. Louis Sports Commission.”

But, John wasn’t going to sit back and watch, he wanted in. So, he teamed up with race car driver/owner Jordan Anderson and partnered with him to start a NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series team and the #31 Bommarito Chevrolet Xfinity team.

Jordan Anderson commented on this by saying: “I am thankful to John Bommarito and the entire Bommarito family for their vision in making this new chapter possible, along with every single one of our team partners.”

In their first debut race at the famous Circuit of the Americas road course, the Bommarito Chevrolet Xfinity team finished in the Top 10. 

Overall, John is a star of the automotive world. Not only is he known as the man who can turn dirt into gold but also as a very influential character in the NASCAR world who continues to help  change the racing industry for the better.


Written by Peter Jones