Depp and Heard with the updated Ford Mustang

Johnny Depp Pranks Amber Heard

Johnny Depp pranks his 29 year old wife, Amber Heard into believing that her 1968 Ford Mustang was stolen.

Depp and his father in law, David Heard teamed together, to renovate Heard’s car by Chip Foose, a custom car designer. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Overhaulin’, we see the young actress become increasingly frustrated when the police officers don’t take the case of her stolen car seriously, instead being star struck enough to take selfies with her and Depp.

“Get my car back!” Heard demands in aggravation, all the while Depp tries to keep the conversation going and the policemen –Chris Jacobs (host) and Chip Foose in disguise – continue to snap photos.

But before things could become too heated, Depp, Heard’s father and the Overhaulin’ cast reveal the truth. Heard turns flustered and relieved at the same time. “I’m overwhelmed! I can’t believe it.” She says.

When the group speaks of how much the car means to Heard, she admits, “I bought it as kind of a drivable piece of junk, a beautiful piece of junk. The car cost me every dime I had. I don’t let anyone touch my car.”

Depp jokingly reveals that “There’s only so many times you can change the subject.” on having to keep the secret from his wife.

Another sneak peek displays footage of a teary eyed Heard comprehending her updated cherry red vehicle. “Holy sh*t!” She blurts, “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful.” She erupts into emotional peals of laughter while behind the scenes, her family and Depp watch her reaction. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe it! Oh my God, thank you so much!” 

The episode will be on Velocity’s Overhaulin’ airing on Nov. 4.

Written by CelebMix