Jonah Hill Joins Jimmy Fallon for an “Emotional Interview”

Things got a bit emotional when Jonah Hill sat down for an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

In a segment called ‘emotional interview,’ the duo were handed the task of carrying out a conversation while channeling the different emotions displayed on the screen.

First up was “condescending,” where Hill hilariously informed the award-winning host that he “would get there as a host one day.” Fallon had little time to respond as the category quickly changed to “blessed to be alive,” wherein Fallon and Hill gushed about how grateful they were to be together.

Fallon flaunted his ability to ad-lib, and easily adapted to each change that came with a ring of a bell. Hill had trouble keeping up when they had to carry on as if they were “allergic to words with the letter ‘e’ in it.” Hill immediately laughed and deemed this one “impossible.” The best he could deliver was “I am..” while Fallon laughed at his poor attempt.

Hill was there to promote his new movie, Hail Caesar! Which premieres today in Los Angeles.

You can watch the hilarious exchange below!

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Written by CelebMix