Jonas Blue & Julian Perretta release the ‘Perfect Melody’ in their new collaborative smash hit

Straight away, you’d assume that these two artists have worked together years prior, however, that’s not the case as Londoners Jonas Blue & Julian Perretta have only recently worked together on the release of this beautifully put-together debut collaboration.

Already racking up more than 6 million global streams, ‘Perfect Melody’ is the latest track to be revealed from Blue’s forthcoming album project Together, a record that will see him continue to spread his message of global positivity, and we’re already looking forward to more.

‘Perfect Melody’ portrays the representations of love, played out by through the motives of a cast of dancers, with cameos from Jonas Blue and Julian Perretta themselves featuring heavily, with full credit for this music video goes to long-time Jonas Blue collaborator Sashinski (who worked on previous videos for Perfect Strangers, Mama and Rise).

Set on a mysterious beach under a moonlit night sky, ‘Perfect Melody’ showcases an ethereal and otherworldly sound shining through the official music video, as it doubles as a captivating film that topples the anthemic instruments and brings them to life through a pitched-up, dancefloor-focused track that’s full of high energy and consistent motivating beats.

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