Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas

The Jonas Brothers Just Reunited In Dallas And Everyone Is Freaking Out

Picture this: It’s a Sunday evening and you are sitting at home, preparing yourself for the week ahead. You find yourself absentmindedly scrolling through your Instagram feed in an attempt to stay awake because you know that the quicker you fall asleep, the quicker Monday morning will be upon you and who wants that to happen? Right, nobody.

So you’re scrolling and scrolling and you are seeing what all of your friends have been up to and then, buzz buzz, your phone vibrates in your hand. You look down and see that you have a notification indicating that one of your faves has posted a picture. Whilst trying to stifle a yawn, you open the notification up and see this:

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It's a boys football day! ????

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Your eyes widen and your clammy hands tighten around your phone. Before you have the chance to react, you hear another buzz which indicates another notification. You open it with baited breath, and see this:

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And a short while later, this:

You blink twice, not quite believing what you are currently staring at. The Jonas Brothers reunited.

Now, this is exactly what happened when Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas met up in Texas to watch the New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys in the first football game of the season last night.

It has been quite a while since the trio of brothers were all together and we are sure they knew exactly what craziness would ensue once they hit the, “post to Instagram,” button on their pictures. And they would have been right, because their pictures together all but broke the internet.

Everyone started freaking out about the brothers and former bandmates reuniting, and their reactions ranged from shocked to sheer hysteria… But we’re not about to disclose which end of that scale we were on at all.

Some fans acted calm and collected, and simply opted to state facts.

While others took a more heartfelt approach.

Some were in total denial.

Others were at a complete loss for words.

And then there was this perfectly acceptable response…

Basically, this:

Okay, we’re just going to go and swim in a puddle of our own tears right now.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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