Jonghyun, SHINee’s lead singer, dies at the age of 27

Jonghyun, one of the lead singers of the popular boy band SHINee has passed away. The singer was 27. The news came as a huge shock to fans and it has certainly left everyone devastated.

The news agency “The Korean Herald” reported that on 18th December, Jonghyun was taken to the nearby University Hospital after he was found unconscious in his apartment in Seoul.

As reported by the BBC,

“South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that emergency services were alerted by the singer’s sister, and that he was later pronounced dead at hospital.”

The police is now suspecting suicide as the possibility for the sudden death of the singer.

SM Entertainment has finally released a statement and some of the fans have translated it for English speaking fans to have a look at:

SHINee is a popular KPOP band which originally compromised of 5 members. The group debuted under the South Korean agency SM Entertainment in the year 2008.

Apart from being a singer and a dancer, Kim Jong-hyun aka Jonghyun, was also a songwriter who extensively took part in the songwriting process for band’s albums. Later, he went on to release solo singles that garnered huge attention amongst music lovers.

Jonghyun was not just a talented artist but also a socially active individual who vocalised his opinions on issues concerning people in his country.

Tributes started pouring in from fans and friends of the singer, the minute news broke out in the media. The news is saddening and CelebMix sends all its support to the family of the artist. May his soul rest in peace.

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