Jordyn Jones releases lyric video for Can’t Say No.

Jordyn Jones has released the lyric video for her new single Can’t Say No.

Can’t Say No has been written by Damon Sharpe, Eric Sanicola, Jimmy Burney and by Jordyn herself. It has been produced by Damon Sharpe, Eric Sanicola.

When asked to describe the song Jordyn said “It’s a pop song with EDM and island/ tropical influences. It’s the perfect song to release during the summer”. The song is personal to Jordyn, not least because she wrote it.

“Can’t Say No” means a lot to me because this is the most involved that I have been in the creative process. I wrote the song with my producer and helped choose a lot of the creative elements in the track. The inspiration behind this song was my boyfriend at the time. All the lyrics are straight from the heart. I felt a lot of different emotions in my relationships so I’m definitely connected to the song on a personal level. This song is super close to me and I think it will always be my favourite. “

The official music video for Can’t Say No will be released in a couple of weeks.

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