Josh Devine in “The Hardest Places” Campaign

Josh Devine just released the first installation of “The Hardest Places”, a series documenting his endeavors in Rwanda. This is the beginning of a full social media campaign to raise funds for Rwandan communities. Devine teamed up with Food for the Hungry to secure food supplies and provide higher quality educational facilities to children.

“The Hardest Places” is one of the biggest project by Josh Devine to date since the release of his debut EP Through The Fire with Ollie Green.

Prior to that, he had been the live drummer for One Direction with whom he toured for four years. Through The Fire came just after 1D announced their hiatus in August 2015.

Devine first became aware of the struggles in Rwanda when he sponsored a child. From there, Food for the Hungry was able to fly Josh Devine out to Rwanda to meet his sponsor family. This first episode outlines the goals of the campaign and documents Devine’s experiences in the African country. There, he got his first glimpse at Rwandan life first-hand. He quickly became sympathetic to the people and immersed into their culture. Josh Devine calls it “the most insane experience of his life” in the video. His humanitarian efforts are genuine, noble, and admirable by anyone’s standards.

Check out the first video from “The Hardest Places” below! Check out Josh Devine’s YouTube channel for the next video!

Written by CelebMix