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Julia Michaels releases captivating new EP ‘Inner Monologue Part 1’

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Julia Michaels just dropped her brand new EP Inner Monolgue Part 1 and unsurprisingly, the multi-talented artist has blown us away with her latest body of work.

Known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, Julia truly bares her soul on the six-track EP, showcasing her captivating lyricism and unique vocals in equal measure.

The EP’s lead song is ‘Anxiety’, a collaboration with Selena Gomez. The two artists are no strangers to working together, with Julia co-writing some of Selena’s most recognisable hits including ‘Hands To Myself’ and ‘Bad Liar’. We knew that ‘Anxiety’ would be something special, however it most definitely exceeds our expectations.

Premiered as Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 World Record, ‘Anxiety’ is an acoustic-style anthem which perfectly depicts what it feels like to live with anxiety, a struggle both Julia and Selena experience and have been open about in the past.

My friends, they wanna take me to the movies
I tell ’em to fuck off, I’m holding hands with my depression
And right when I think I’ve overcome it
Anxiety starts kicking in to teach that shit a lesson

‘Anxiety’ – Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez

Those who struggle with anxiety will definitely resonate with the track and its ability to highlight some of life’s basic things which often feel like the most arduous of tasks. It will also open the eyes of anyone who perhaps doesn’t understand how crippling anxiety can be and the effect it has on another person.

Not wanting to run into an ex is the theme of the EP’s second track ‘Into You’. Armed with a driving beat, Julia details the lengths she goes to avoid contact, even contemplating moving away so that she doesn’t have to relive the heartache. However, despite it all, running into her ex is exactly what she wants to do – something we’re sure a lot of people will relate to.

I wish we didn’t have so many friends in common
I wish we didn’t have to walk around our problems
I wish we didn’t have to take all these precautions
So many birthdays that I missed, that I missed, that I missed
So I don’t run right into you, even though that’s what I wanna do

‘Into You’ – Julia Michaels

‘Happy’ is a cry for contentment from Julia. The songstress gets personal on this track, declaring that she feels like she sometimes self-sabotages her relationships. Whilst she makes a living from writing about her heartache, ultimately she just wants to experience happiness and she would do anything to achieve it. Julia’s yearn-filled chant in the chorus heightens the emotion of the song, with the songstress peeling back all of her layers to her rawest form.

And sometimes I think I kill relationships for art
I start up all this shit to watch ’em fall apart
I pay my bills with it, I watch ’em fall apart
Then pay the price for it, I watch ’em fall apart…
Oh, I just wanna be fucking happy

‘Happy’ – Julia Michaels

It seems as though Julia might begin to experience that needed happiness during ‘Deep’, as she starts to feel again after a previous heartbreak. Whilst Julia stops herself from falling hook, line and sinker due to being so hurt in the past, slowly she allows herself to catch feelings for a new partner and loves every second of embracing her true self.

Somebody left me feeling empty
And somebody ripped me at the seams
But you’re bringing back all my feelings

‘Deep’ – Julia Michaels

‘Apple’ is a glorious love song which sees Julia reminisce about an old summer romance. Her intoxicating vocals and intense lyrics make for a mesmerising offering which will leave you yearning for a love just like it.

Bite off an apple right from your fridge
Come here and taste it right off my lips
Spill your emotions into my hands
That’s what I want

‘Apple’ – Julia Michaels

Julia brings Inner Monologue Part 1 to an end with ‘What a Time’, a collaboration with Niall Horan, whom Julia opened for during the European leg of his Flicker World Tour. The stunning ‘What a Time’ sees the two reminisce over a relationship which has come to an end. The memories remain fond, with the artists choosing to remember the good times shared with their respective exes. We love the blend of Julia and Niall’s vocals together – we could listen to a whole album of collaborations from these two.

I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark
And we stayed up for hours
What a time, what a time, what a time
You clinged my body like you wanted it forever
What a time, what a time, what a time
For you and I

‘What a Time’ – Julia Michaels and Niall Horan

Julia Michaels is known and celebrated for sharing her songwriting talent with some of the world’s biggest artists, but there’s nothing we love more than hearing her own material. She is truly at her best when she is unapologetically herself, and Inner Monologue Part 1 allows her to share her deepest and darkest thoughts, which would be far too personal to give away to another artist.

Not afraid to speak openly about love, loss and everything in between, Julia’s candid approach to songwriting, combined with her haunting vocals, makes her an exquisite artist in today’s industry. With her own headline tour on the way, we can’t wait to hear Julia bring all of these songs to life on the stage.

Take a listen to Inner Monologue Part 1 below.

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