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‘STFU’! Julie Bergan Just Dropped Her Biggest Banger To Date

Norwegian singer-songwriter Julie Bergan is infamously known for creating high-energy pop bops. Her hit singles “Arigato” and “Blackout”, as well as her numerous collaborations with fellow countryman Alan Walker (“Ignite” & “I Don’t Wanna Go”) are prime examples of said knowledge. Over time, we learned that Julie is quite capable of making pop big and we also learned to anticipate her next venture. What we did not and could not have known though is just how absolutely amazing her latest release would end up being.

Cue the entrance of “STFU”. Released today, the track is her biggest banger to date. Lyrically, she finds herself in quite the uncomfortable situation though: “Who’s making you smile like that? / On your phone /First it was your brother, now it’s your mom /But something just ain’t adding up, is it?” We literally have no time to think as Julie dives right into the conversation at the beginning. The whole confrontation culminates in her yelling that “The only good thing you can do to me now / Is shut the f*ck up and get the f*ck out” just before that chorus hits. “Shut the f*ck up and get the f*ck out“, Julie repeats over a bass line that finds some inspiration in the signature style made famous by production team SEEB .

“STFU” is one of those unexpected tracks that are so ridiculously good, you cannot believe it at first listen. So you listen to it again. And again. And again. Aaaaand again, which -at a duration of 2 minutes and 13 seconds- is quite the reasonable thing to do.

Julie Bergan’s latest release is everything we ever wanted. It is big, it is loud, it is fast-paced and quick-witted. The chorus alone deserves a medal because it proves that pop in its purest form still exists.

“STFU” is the banger we absolutely needed and will most certainly keep us company for quite some time.

Listen to the track right here:

The song itself was produced by long-time collaborator Kid Joki who also worked with Julie on her debut album. Talking to Genius about her linking up with the producer again, she explained that “we’ve actually known each other for a long time” and that “the fact that we are such good friends has a lot to say when it comes to writing songs. It’s easier to open up, understand each other and relax in such a personal situation.”

Good friends make good songs is what they say. Next to Julie and Kid Joki, “STFU” was also written by Alexander Pavelich, Dag Holtan-Hartwig and Halvor Folstad.

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“STFU” is now available to buy and stream on the digital retailer and platform of your choice. You can find your preferred one by clicking here. The track was released via Warner Music Norway today.

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