July 31st Marks #1YearofDragMeDown for One Direction

2015 was a year to remember for fans of One Direction for a lot of reasons; from an incredible world tour to kick off the year to Zayn’s departure and ultimately – the announcement of a hiatus for Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall,the entire year was a bit of a wild ride.  In the midst of both good and bad being thrown at the boys and their fans, July 31st became a day that brought hope and a promise of a love that not only matters but transcends.

That’s right, on July 31st, seemingly out of nowhere ‘Drag Me Down’ was given to fans and the lyrics of it stood almost as a challenge to anyone who had doubt in the future of One Direction, the friendship of the boys, and their relationship with their fans – the boys were strong, they were resilient, and with the love they had – there was nobody capable of dragging them down.

I’ve got fire for a heart
I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul
And baby you’re a boat
Baby you’re my only reason

If I didn’t have you there would be nothing left
The shell of a man who could never be his best
If I didn’t have you, I’d never see the sun
You taught me how to be someone, yeah

All my life
You stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down

#DragMeDown was trending on Twitter in what seemed like a matter of moments, fans could not stop listening to the tune and it topped the charts within hours, and perhaps most incredibly – that same night in Indianapolis, Indiana – One Direction sang ‘Drag Me Down’ to an entire stadium of fans who were screaming the lyrics alongside them and the emotion was so strong you could feel it for days.

We were in the audience on the 31st and there were tears in the eyes of the fans as the applause after the song went on for what seemed like minutes reflecting pride, respect, and a promise of their own.  In those moments fans promised that the unwavering support that always existed would continue to, and not just that, it would strengthen and stand tall in the face of whatever came next.

A year later, Drag Me Down continues to stand as a beacon of hope for One Direction fans.  Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry are enjoying their hiatus, taking on new projects, and spending some well deserved time off the radar.  With the hiatus has come some nasty rumors of an imminent break-up, hatred between the boys, drug use and immature antics causing the need for a hiatus in the first place, and worse than any of that, that the boys are liars and that they lack loyalty.  These rumors stem from no name ‘sources’ that have and will continue to try to pollute the name of a band who have shown the music industry that you don’t have to play dirty to come out on top.

As Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall take on the world with this exciting new chapter in their lives, the anniversary of this song means more now to fans than ever as they support the boys in their individual endeavors and stand tall with their promise that while the hiatus comes with no guaranteed return date, that the boys are building their lives, following their dreams, and will undoubtedly come back as One Direction soon enough to continue on this incredible journey with the people who never stopped believing.

With your love, nobody can drag me down


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.