Juna N Joey Return With ‘Til Your Heart Breaks’

The charisma of pop-country duo Juna N Joey will take your breath away. Rising brother-sister collaborators share a new single, ‘Til Your Heart Breaks,’ a tune that has the soul and emotion to soundtrack any romantic comedy movie. 

Love inspires all art forms, but heartache is the predominant theme in country music. Juna N Joey wrote ‘Til Your Heart Breaks’ from a perspective of a narrator enduring his first heartbreak and feeling the crushing emotions that accompany the experience of losing someone. The track carries a sense of innocence found in the beauty of pain.

Juna N Joey are multi-instrumentalists who dedicated their lives to singing and songwriting. Their performances are effortless and showcase they belong on the stage. 

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Juna N Joey is not going anywhere. After organically accumulating a loyal Youtube audience and viewership of more than 7 million collective views, people are listening. The Juna N Joey discography is patient, confident, vulnerable, and worthy of chart-topping success. 

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Written by Emma

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