Just Announced: Mikey Bromley Debut Solo UK Tour and Album

Mikey Bromley of former 4-piece band Only the Young has just announced via a YouTube video that he is performing a UK Tour for the first time as a soloist.

Mikey has just released a YouTube video named “This Tour is for You” announcing that he will be releasing his debut solo album followed by a tour in February of 2016.

He explained, “as fast as the whole thing started, the whole thing ended. But I’m coming back, on my own, and I’m happy to say I’ll be touring the UK and releasing my debut solo album in February.”

Youngsters have taken to Twitter and a frenzy broke out, with a lot of ooh’s and ahh’s but most of them containing “OH MY GOSH I’M SO EXCITED!” (Me being one of these tweeters!).

To add to the list of Tweeters, former band member Charlie George has tweeted Mikey asking “question… Is this tour for MEE ;)?” To which Mikey responded, “Maybe you should join me on a few dates?”

How amazing would that be? Not even a couple of weeks into the split and already an Only the Young reunion is being organised!

Mikey has said and tweeted that tour dates will be revealed this coming Friday (November 20th) and tickets will be on sale Sunday (November 22nd) with the option of Standard or VIP available.

So, the only questions are: standard or VIP? Which venue do I attend? What do I wear? What will the set list be? Who will be the support act? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

You can visit Mikey’s Twitter at Twitter.com/Mikey_Bromley and make sure you watch his ‘This Tour is for You’ YouTube video below!

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Written by CelebMix