LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 09: Justin Bieber performs at 102.7 KIIS FM's 2015 Wango Tango at StubHub Center on May 9, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images For 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango)

Justin Bieber and a hectic 2015!

It’s safe to say that Justin Bieber had a busy 2015.

Since we learned he was coming back with a new album, we couldn’t contain our excitement. If you thought that was the only thing that Justin was going to shock us with, boy you were in for a surprise.

Let’s go over some of the most memorable moments of the Biebs year!

We can start with the Comedy Central Justin Bieber Roast that aired on March 30.


Yes, was actually up for the iconic show and put on a brave face during the hilarious show that had celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell amongst others.


We all saw a bunch of comedians making fun of Justin during the show. We think it could have been worse, so Justin, they were definitely easy on you.

Even The Dog himself wanted to be part of the event!

Let’s move on to all the new friends that Justin got along the way of his redeem path towards a better and more confident self.

He started to hang out with a catholic family who helped him grow up and move towards a new life and even went to live with them for a few weeks.

Ok that’s hands down a good and bold move if you want to start over, never forget he was a menace for quite some time. Yes he is young and he has a right to explore, but we all agree that if he kept going that way he was going to keep getting into a lot of trouble. We are happy he seems to be out of the woods, fingers crossed.

So it was all rainbows and flowers in the Belieber fandom until of course, Justin had to go over his way to drive everyone crazy by posting a picture of himself naked. Technically, it was his behind but later in the year we got the whole thing, it’s not that the only thing we love about him are his amazing abs and cherubic face but we are not complaining.

Later on, he erased the picture from his IG when he realized it wasn’t such a good idea to post it in the first place.

It’s time for some Calvin’s !

We got to see a lot more of his body with his Calvin Klein underwear campaign that put him with some very famous men who also joined the designer in previous seasons.


Alright, now into the love life, 2015 was a busy year for the blonde’s heart. He was rumored to be dating Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and also Kourtney Kardashian. Slow down pal, you can’t date the whole family! We are still waiting to get Kris on the list too!

They seem cozy, right?. He did make sure to tell the world they are nothing but friends!


But those weren’t the only ladies who apparently took a bit of Bieber’s love. We all know the time in Bora Bora with a model when he was pictured naked getting into a jacuzzi. No, we are not going to put up the pictures, people! (You can all Google them, wink wink)


Also, as a highlight for this year, Selena Gomez also had a bit of a romance that lasted for a day? We are sorry if you shipped them as a couple but other than a cute serenade on a hotel and some casual chat we have no proof that they got together once again.

And finally let’s talk about music, that’s what we were all here for, right?

He came back with a bang! Amazing performance.


Justin took the stage after two years on the 2015 VMA’s to get us all teared up when he sang ‘What Do You Mean’ live for the first time and also shared a tear or two by the end of the performance.

imageThat was a moment to be proud of if you are part of his fandom, the boy did come back with a bang and also with a killer album!


“Purpose”, Justin Bieber latest album that was released on November 13th among One Direction’s “Made In The A.M” , we know that’s not the important part but hey, the amicable fight both artists had during promo time before the launch was funny and kept us all in our toes waiting to see who was going to dominate the charts.

Here you can see the “Purpose” tattoo that Justin got on his stomach!

Justin won on US charts on the first week by a lot of sales but the British group took the UK’s #1 away from the Canadian. We give the “Promo Like Crazy” award to the Biebs since he did go all the way with his pre-album launch promo, including a whole week as a guest in The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a hilarious karaoke with James Corden for the Late Late Show along with many interviews.


Justin put a bow to his year with a series of intimate shows all over the US and Canada performing “Purpose” and some of his hit songs.

Justin during his show in Canada!


He even surprised everyone launching the dates for his upcoming 2016 tour, some of the venue sold out minutes after the tickets were on sale.

We are all expecting so much more from Justin this next 2016 but we want to give him a round of applause for keeping us all entertained this 2015!

Written by CelebMix