Justin Bieber In Hot Water with San Francisco

Justin Bieber is at risk again for criminal charges, but for a reason much different than his past immature acts. For Justin’s newest album, Purpose, he marketed the album by created both street art and wall art in different areas of the world. One of the art pieces that was created on the city walls of Toronto, Canada are featured below.

Justin Bieber In Hot Water with San Francisco 1

Some of the most famous pieces from this marketing campaign are the what do you mean art pieces that were written on the sidewalk. Many fangirls and teenage girls alike posted pictures of or with this art piece on their social media accounts. But this sidewalk art didn’t please everyone. The city of San Francisco is considering the art pieces graffiti in their city because the art was spray painted onto the sidewalk. Even though there have been rain storms recently, the art hasn’t been able to wash away, which means that the city would most likely have to use quite a bit of money to get rid of the graffiti. Public works have already removed some of the graffiti, but it has come as a “great expense” to the city, according to the city’s attorney.

Justin Bieber In Hot Water with San Francisco 2
One of Justin Bieber’s graffiti pieces on the street in San Francisco.

The city of San Francisco isn’t necesarily going after Bieber himself though. The city attorney of San Francisco contacted Universal Music Group, the music label in charge of Justin Bieber, so they could figure out exactly who created the street art. The street art appears in at least 8 different parts of the city.

Essentially, the city government wants this street art removed because they think it will show that reckless acts are okay. If teens see that world famous pop star, Justin Bieber, can get away with deface city property, then why can’t they also deface buildings and sidewalks?

Since Justin had his art created in several parts of the world, not just San Francisco, we are interested to see if any other cities are going to lash out and press charges against his album marketing plan.

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Written by CelebMix