Justin Bieber Performs at the Grammys

21-year-old superstar Justin Bieber had an incredibly successful Grammy night. Bieber performed a mashup of his hits “Love Yourself” and “Where Are U Now” on the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, live from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g87TXfARSzI]

Bieber opened his performance with a slowed-down version of his current hit, “Love Yourself.” The performance starred just Bieber and his acoustic guitar on a smaller stage in the crowd. The rasp and grittiness in his voice proved how passionate he was about this performance. As he continued with the song, he picked up the pace. Bieber ended “Love Yourself” with a strong note, and then proceeded to throw his guitar on the ground!

The mood of the performance completely changed when Bieber moved locations to join Skrillex and Diplo. He united with the two DJ’s who go by Jack U to perform “Where Are U Now.” The single was performed as more of a rock and roll song than its usual electronic sound. Instead of being behind a DJ booth, Skrillex was on electric guitar and Diplo was playing the drums. This set became even stronger when multiple violins joined the song. The performance was very powerful, featuring Bieber on his knees with his hands in prayer. No performance by Justin Bieber is complete without a dance sequence, which he threw in at the end.

Not only did Bieber perform, but he was also awarded his first Grammy! Justin Bieber received an award for his double platinum single “Where Are U Now” with Skrillex and Diplo.

Overall, this was a great night for the Biebs! Congratulations to Justin Bieber on a stunning performance and his first Grammy.

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Written by Kirra Johnson