Justin Bieber’s I’ll Show You VIP Package Meet and Greets Have Been Cancelled

Due to a security incident at recent Purpose Tour shows, Bkstg has announced that the meet and greet portion of the I’ll Show You VIP package has been cancelled. Fans who have purchased the package will no longer be able to take group photos with Justin Bieber.

According to Bkstg’s website “we have decided for the time being that this is our best course of action” and that they are offering an “alternative” to the meet and greet. Instead of fans getting to take a picture with Justin, they will get to take pictures and videos of the singer as well as participate in a VIP hangout. Refunds are also being offered to people who purchased the I’ll Show You package. Although, if you decide to receive a refund, Bkstg has said they are not offering a partial refund so you will also lose your ticket to the show if you would like your money back.

Many Beliebers are disappointed by the news. These VIP packages cost around $900 which is not a small sum of money. They are also upset that the only way you will be able to personally meet Justin as well as get a picture with him is if you pay for the Ultimate Purpose Experience which is valued at around $2,000. Many fans are also arguing that changing the meet and greet into a VIP hangout will not change the issues with security that the venues were having, though it’s not clear what those issues are.




The differences in opinions are sparking a lot of conversation on Twitter as well as other social media websites for Beliebers all over the world. If you would like more information about the I’ll Show You VIP package meet and greet cancellation you can go to the Bkstg website. If you would like to learn more about getting a refund, you can go here.

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Written by CelebMix