Justina Valentine Releases “Sunlight"

Justina Valentine Releases Music Video for “Sunlight”

Justina Valentine is an electric, pop, hip-hop, and soul infused singer/songwriter from New Jersey who has had successful singles such as “All The Way” feat. Futuristic, “Candy Land” feat. Fetty Wap, “Suga Daddy”, and “Crushin On You” feat. M80.

Since releasing “Crushin On You” Justina has been releasing even more music and even announced the Weirdo Tour with Chris Webby.

In her brand new video for “Sunlight”, Justina Valentine is entirely in her zone. The video shows clips in black and white of her biggest fans from her Scarlet Letter Tour, the only color being glimpses of red to match her hair. Throughout the video, you feel a “live in the moment” vibe as Justina becomes the life of the party wherever she goes singing lyrics like, “We gonna party till the sunlight / Cuz you only get one life.”

With a video where Justina is surrounded by her fans and friends, you can’t help but feel good. Joan Roman directed the video, and Justina’s fans are already loving it, leaving YouTube comments like “It’s straight fire.”

Check out the video for “Sunlight” below!

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Justina Valentine:

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