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K.Flay Drops Jail-Themed Music Video For “Bad Vibes”

K.Flay continues to feel good in the newly released music video for “Bad Vibes”, where she’s seen singing around people who are moping around while others are enjoying the sunny day outside.

The popstress sings about not being dragged down by another person’s awful energy. She sings “You think it’s cooler to have dark thoughts/Never eat ice cream, only take white drugs/In a circle of people without any reason to love” as the screen switches from a group of girls sitting around a long rectangular table doing nothing while others are outside playing basketball and dancing around with each other.

K.Flay is seen wearing a “Bad Vibes” cover inspired jumpsuit while the rest of the “prisoners” dress in a pink jumpsuit and the officers are in a gloomy gray color. The skies change from a bright clear blue to a dark blue as the sad group’s mood changes by the end of the video.

“We wanted to capture what it means to be trapped inside your own negative psyche—and how it might feel to break free,” K.Flay said about the idea for the video in a press release. “Lorraine (our director) had the amazing idea to make basketball and choreographed basketball imagery a central part of the video, and for me, that visual just made total sense.”

The catchy chorus “You give me bad vibes, bad times/Bad nights with you/Yeah, I get bad energy/Sick pleasure from you” inspires fans to get up and start dancing around with the choreographed basketball dancers on the screen.

“With everything going on in the world right now, I wanted to make some positive music,” she continues. “The goal isn’t to be happy every minute; it’s just to move away from negative energy.”

Watch K.Flay’s “Bad Vibes” video below:

K.Flay is set to appear on a few stops across the U.S. before releasing her North American tour dates. This includes an intimate show on April 15 in San Francisco, April 17 in Seattle’s Columbia City Center, Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, and LOVELOUD Festival. Visit her website for more information on tour stops!

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

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