Kate Lomas releases defiant single ‘Happy Like This’

Sitting somewhere between the party and the after-party, somewhere between happiness and melancholy, somewhere in the realm of saccharine-flavoured dream pop – lies Kate Lomas’ new single, ‘Happy Like This’. 

Set in an abandoned mansion-turned-house party, the video sees Lomas parading around the house like she owns the place. Bringing in massive cakes with sparklers on top, riding around in golf buggies, strutting in a feather-boa fringed sparkly cape and diving into a pool fully clothed are all on the agenda for Lomas in this sun-soaked and fun-filled music video. 

It makes use of the rampant 90s nostalgia around at the moment – think faded Coca-Cola logos and hi-top platform trainers which Kate prances around in. She’s the life and soul of the party in the scenes with others and holds her own with confidence and sass when she’s on her own. The song lends itself to this kind of silly partying, with its enthusiastic drum fills and intellectual lyrics which put emphasis on the importance of living in the moment and enjoying life to its fullest.

“We are happy like this, never gonna look back / We are happy like this, and I want you to know that,” sings Lomas defiantly, backed by a chorus of school children’s voices in a display of total boldness and determination to have a good time. In a world which is so caught up in the latest Instagram posts or sharing your activities to the internet at any given moment, Lomas takes a stand to remind us that the present moment really is the only one which matters – and that living mindfully doesn’t have to mean sitting in quiet meditation.

Instead, it’s a party.

Dance along to the fabulous video for ‘Happy Like This’ down below!

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Written by Emma

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