KathleenLights Top 10 Videos of 2015

2015 was defintely a great year for YouTube beauty star, KathleenLights. In case you haven’t heard of her, Kathleen Fuentes is a big name in the beauty/makeup side of YouTube. With her collabs with Colourpop and OFRA cosmetics, and reaching a higher and higher audience, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight Kathleen’s top 10 videos of the year!

KathleenLights Top 10 Videos of 2015 1

10. Everyday Makeup Routine | Talk Through

Views: 726,471

Likes: 30K  Dislikes: 264

Here Kathleen does a talk through, rather than her usual voice overs, of her everyday makeup routine. This type of look is more simple and appropriate for everyday but is more than a “no make-up” makeup look or a “minimal makeup” look.

9. Taupe and Purple Makeup Tutorial

Views: 757,699

Likes: 31K  Dislikes: 122

Kathleen demonstrates a beautiful look using shimmery taupe and purple colors. This look would be perfect for prom or a night out.

8.  What’s in My Bag? | Updated | KathleenLights

Views: 772,057

Likes: 23K  Dislikes: 442

Kathleen gives her viewers a little insight of what she keeps on her bag. Here subscribers can get an idea of everyday essentials you may need to carry on your bag and also get a little personal taste of what Kathleen feels is essential.

7. Review! Real Techniques BOLD METALS Collection! & Demo!!

Views: 785,654

Likes: 15K  Dislikes: 281

Kathleen reviews the Real Techniques Bold Metals brush collection set and gives her subscribers a demo. This allows the viewers to see the brushes in action and see if they are worth trying out.

6. Dissapointing Products | 2015

Views: 900,711

Likes: 27K  Dislikes: 293

Here Kathleen shares products she as tried throughout the year and feel like they are dissapointing and not worth buying. This is helpful to viewers so they get an idea of a product before going out and spending their money on it.

5. Simple- Wake Up Makeup

Views: 1,054,763

Likes: 27K  Dislikes: 317

Did you wake up late and are in a hurry but still need to get ready and get some makeup on? In this video Kathleen shows how to do quick and easy wake up makeup so you can still be ready for the day

4. Drugstore Dupes For High End Makeup

Views: 1,118,416

Likes: 37K  Dislikes: 217

It makes perfect sense why this video was so popular. Finding products that are just as good as the high end stuff for half the price? YES PLEASE! Kathleen talks about drugstore products that are dupes for the high end products.

3. Makeup Collection + Storage | Room Tour- KathleenLights

Views: 1,158,830

Likes: 36K  Dislikes: 328

Kathleen gives a taste of what a beauty Youtuber’s room looks like. As you may have guessed, MAKEUP EVERYWHERE AND LOTS OF IT. But she also gives insight on how she stores them all for anyone who needs ideas.

2. I Do My Husband’s Makeup!

Views: 3,133,397

Like: 64K  Dislike: 1K

It’s all in the title, Kathleen does her husbands makeup!

1. Full Face Drugstore Makeup a Tutorial & Afforable Brushes!

Views: 7,460,330

Likes: 113K  Dislikes: 1K

Kathleen’s top video of 2015 is a tutorial that features affordable makeup and brushes. Her videos with affordable and drugstore products seem to be the most popular among viewers.

So here are KathleenLights’ top 10 videos of 2015! Make sure to subscribe and let us know what your fave  KathleenLights video of 2015 was by commenting below or tweeting us at @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix