Katie Price shames ableist haters on Instagram

British glamour model, TV personality and Loose Women panelist Katie Price has taken to Instagram to fight back against the people using Social Networking Sites to post abusive content regarding her disabled son Harvey Price.

13-year-old Harvey is the eldest of Katie Price’s children, and was born blind, suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome (A condition that causes him to eat excessively and gain weight easily), and is on the Autistic Spectrum. Katie has spoken openly of her sons disabilities in the past and now the outspoken glamour model once known as Jordan has taken to her Instagram to share snippets of abusive and insulting content directed at her son Harvey and his disabilities.

Posting a series of Memes, Messages and parody Twitter accounts, Katie shamed the ableist haters and shared their names and their accounts to her Instagram followers, which number at close to a million.

The memes, messages and parody Twitter accounts in question take aim at Harvey’s weight and intelligence, and used ableist slurs in reference to him.

Katie posted ten pictures of the abusive content in total, from a range of accounts, before taking to Twitter to repost them there, and even tagging the troll accounts in question!

Katie and her 2 million Twitter followers were immediately critical of the Parody account, which has amassed almost 17 thousand followers, and it appears that the bad press and shaming from Katie has prompted the user to delete the account. It might be too late for the troll to get away with it, though, as the Loose Women panellist told her Twitter followers that she has involved the police in the matter.



The internet trolls and ableist abuse hurled at Katie and Harvey price was unsurprisingly a hurtful experience, but hopefully Katie’s response, her shaming of the online trolls and confronting the people who continued to insult and belittle people because of their disabilities will put an end to the abuse the pair received.

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Written by CelebMix