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Katy Perry Drops Holiday Tune, “Cozy Little Christmas”

A week before Thanksgiving, Katy Perry is already in the Christmas spirit. At midnight, on November 15th, she released an original Christmas song, “Cozy Little Christmas.”

She teased the song on her social media an hour before it dropped.

Then when the song dropped, she encouraged people to get into the holiday spirit early.

The song is only available on Amazon Music so far. Maybe closer to the holidays it will be available on other streaming services. If you don’t have Amazon Music, you can sample a 30-second clip of the 3-minute song at the link above. It sounds like an upbeat song to get you in the holiday spirit and maybe find love this holiday season.

The lyrics,” Nothing lights my fire baby like you do. I want a cozy, a cozy little Christmas with you” have many fans thinking that this song could be about her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

This isn’t the first time Perry, 34, has released original Christmas music. In 2015, “Everyday is a Holiday” was released as part of H&M’s holiday campaign. It was a gospel-inspired, Christmas dance tune.

Katy Perry has also covered some Christmas songs, including “White Christmas.”


Maybe this original single will lead to a Christmas CD from Perry. Could you imagine her singing “Last Christmas”? Yes, please!

Perry ended the Witness era a few months ago, which means she would have time to release new music, whether Christmas or her own. Hint, hint, Miss Perry.

If you don’t have Amazon Music, click here to read the lyrics of the song.

Hopefully, this leads to many more Christmas music from her. We don’t know if this is part of something else, like another campaign, but either way, we are excited!

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Written by Brittany Sims

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