Keeping Time: Our Picks For Nice Watches For Men

A watch is not only a way to keep time, but it can also be a powerful fashion statement.

When it comes to choosing nice watches for men, there are a ton of fantastic, stylish options available. Read on to discover a few examples of some of the best watches available today.

Look for Multifunction

Gone are the days when watches just simply told you what time it is. Today’s modern watch serves a myriad of other functions, making it a useful tool along with a fashionable accessory.

While you don’t need to buy a smartwatch, many watchmakers are heading toward new features that offer lots of useful information. Seek out watches that tell you the date or day of the week, barometric pressure, or feature a chronograph and stopwatch function.

As you look for nice watches for men, these multifunctional designs will add style and appeal to any outfit. Guys love gadgets, so choose a watch that offers him more than just looks.

The Style is in the Strap

When considering a watch, the band or strap plays an important role in how it looks and feels. Today’s watches for men come in a wide variety of color schemes and material.

If you want something rugged, choose a nice leather strap in black or brown. For the adventurer, pick out something made of durable, lightweight ballistic nylon.

The businessman or professional may want a watch that has a bit more “bling” to it. In that case, choose a watch with a stainless steel band or one made of silver or gold to take your look to the next level.

Try a company like Barton who offers a wide range of watch band styles and colors.

Durability Makes the Best Watches for Men

Watches need to be rugged, especially for the busy man or adventurer. Choose a watch that has a scratch-resistant face so it lasts longer and won’t get marred from wear and tear.

Pick out watches that have a sturdy casing that keep the internal components protected against daily use. For straps, nylon is an excellent choice if you plan to wear your watch on hikes and while exercising.

And, if you enjoy being in the water, make sure you choose a watch that is water-resistant, even while you swim. Read all specs to ensure that the watch you choose can hold up to your busy lifestyle.

Some watch manufacturers cater specifically to people who enjoy sports and hiking, so be on the lookout for those rugged options.

Tell More than the Time with Nice Watches for Men

When selecting nice watches for men, it’s important to find one that makes a statement and will become a wardrobe staple. From a myriad of functions to stylish straps, there’s a watch out there for you!

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Written by CelebMix