Kellan Lutz Wows With Daring Mumm Champagne Mini Film

If you’re a fan of pop culture, odds are, you’re definitely familiar with the name Kellan Lutz. Not only was he a staple to The Twilight Series playing Emmett Cullen, a brooding vampire with a heart of gold, he also took on the role of Hercules in The Legend of Hercules and he played both roles with charisma and passion.  From then on, Kellan was a name that was on everyone’s radar, and he’s only just begun his journey.

In addition to four roles in upcoming films including titles like The Feud and Nest – both still in production – Kellan made some time to star in one of his most fascinating roles to date, and it had a lot to do with a bottle of champagne!  The drink wasn’t just any champagne, it, like Kellan, has a smooth and at the same time striking appearance.  G.H Mumm Champagne was Kellan’s supporting role in an exciting mini movie and there was no actor better fit for the task of revealing the one of a kind new bottle.

Mumm is known for pushing boundaries and being innovative, so the reveal of the Mumm Grand Cordon had to be huge.  That’s why Kellan filmed some daredevil live action scenes that made this bottle’s journey from France to the United States one that everyone will remember.

Mumm and I share a lot of the same values.  We like to be pioneers, we like to push the boundaires and we definitely are a bit avant garde.

The big finale scene of the mini film actually ended live with Kellan successfully delivering the champagne to an official launch party where Mumm Grand Cordon and Kellan were both celebrated for being absolute spotlight stealers.  In addition to acting, Kellan is also a model, so the mini film itself is visually appealing if we may say so, and we’ll soon be trying a bottle of the Mumm Cordon Rouge ourselves.

To see what makes Mumm so unique, check out their website and keep up to date with the innovative ways they’re changing the champagne industry, you can also find locations where you can try their drinks at some of the most beautiful and stylish venues there are.  You can also check IMDb and see what other projects Kellan will be taking part in soon and catch up on his prior roles while you wait.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.