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Kelly Wakasa: The Most Underrated YouTuber

Kelly Wakasa is a rising YouTube creator and skateboarding enthusiast who has branded himself as “The Most Underrated YouTuber” and we can definitely see why!

The 19-year-old first built a name for himself in the YouTube community by showcasing his skateboarding tricks on his channel, unboxing skateboarding products, and even scored an internship with a popular skating channel called Braille Skateboarding (which currently has over 4 million subscribers).

Aside from his skateboarding content, Kelly’s adventurous and outgoing charisma has drawn more viewers to his channel as well.

The YouTuber has always created montages of his travels and skating tricks, but it wasn’t until recently when we got to see a different style to his videos.

While skateboarding is still paramount in many of his videos, Kelly also began to branch out and release other content such as travel vlogs, school vlogs, and videos of him doing challenges with his family, friends, or even strangers.

His senior year of high school seemed to be a significant turning point in his videos, and rightfully so. Senior year is considered to be the best time of your life, and Kelly didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the joys and simplicity of it!

“A Day in High School in 2018” unexpectedly blew up with views and became the most popular video on his channel. What started as something that was meant to be a light-hearted time capsule for him and his high school friends to look back at turned into his subscribers’ most favorite video.

Something that has become a staple to his channel is the song “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. Showing a reel of memories with this song for the introduction of his videos gives such a nostalgic and reminiscent feeling to them, making his viewers feel as if they are included in these crazy journeys with him.

People who have been watching Kelly for some time would describe him as someone who is full of positivity, encourages others to live life to the fullest, and isn’t afraid to take risks. A big risk that he had to take for himself was to take a year off of school after graduating. This would allow him to focus more on his passion for filming, editing, skating, and entertaining.

Flash forward to 2019 – Kelly has now moved to Los Angeles and created a collaboration channel with his best friend Luke Eich, who has been featured in many of Kelly’s vlogs and has a YouTube channel of his own!

The Life of Luke and Kelly channel launched in June of 2019 and gained about 53k subscribers in just these past few months. Still staying true to their roots and hitting the skatepark every so often, the boys also really step out of their comfort zone and put themselves in some of the most hilarious and daring situations in LA.

We cannot wait to see what else these two creative minds will have in store for us next!

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Written by Sydney Rae