The gorgeous brunette sisters are used to dealing with hate, but I am sure that nobody was prepared for them to be targeted with eggs whilst promoting their clothing line in Australia.

Whilst speaking to a MAHOOSSIVE crowd in Sydney, a 30-year-old woman, who obviously had something against the pair, decided it would be a fun idea to attempt to pelt the girls with eggs and mess up their pretty little faces.

LUCKILY, the woman’s throw was not quite the strongest, so the Jenner sisters managed to avoid a yolky mess.

The woman in question was positioned on an upper level of the mall, and her main reason for being present clearly wasn’t to support Kendall and Kylie, instead deciding to throw eggs at the stage. Luckily, she was quickly acknowledged by security and was removed from the premises. She didn’t leave before spitting on one of the men, though. Gross.

Although the girls themselves did not get hit, unfortunately, some of the fans within the first couple of rows got a bit splattered. It would have been a real shame if the Jenners had been hit, though, with Kendall sporting a pink and black playsuit with an abstract neckline, showing off her luscious legs, and Kylie showing off some cleavage, in a light coloured short skater dress with a mesh panel down the middle. They both wore natural makeup, looking their normal, flawless selves.

Unfortunately, there are no videos of the incident circling the internet currently.

So what do we all think? Why does someone hate the Jenner sisters enough to want to egg them? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @CelebMix .


Written by CelebMix