CelebMix Chats with Keri Glassman about Healthy Eating

With the holiday season upon us, visits with friends and family become number 1 on our to-do lists and those visits often include meeting around a table for a meal and great conversation. When planning your perfect meal it’s easy to get lost in the back and forth of what is healthy vs what tastes good and counting calories vs portion sizes and the entire process can be overwhelming.

With recipes online for crash diet food/drinks, so many ingredients that your head starts to spin, and some really large misconceptions about food; it may be hard to know where to start when planning your holiday – or every day – meals.  To make this process a little bit easier for our readers, we spoke to nutritionist Keri Glassman and she gave us some insight on how to make your favorite foods taste great, how to get away with eating those ‘must have’ cheat meals, and even some myths about the benefits of chocolate!

Keri gave us some awesome start points during our chat and we’ve spent some time looking into healthy eating, delicious recipes, and true chocolate benefits since our conversation and we have to say, it’s not hard at all to eat healthy – and it’s really delicious. In addition to doing interviews to let readers/listeners know of some of her go-to tips, she has her own website where you can learn more of her tips to a healthier life.

Our favorite so far has been her Frozen Hot Chocolate Smoothie, we have to admit, we’ve made it three times and it’s the perfect fix for any sweet tooth.  Check out Keri’s website, her favorite recipes, and tweet us at @CelebMix to let us know which ones you’ve tried and which ones you love!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.