Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Surprise Fans at Screening of Ride Along 2

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube surprised fans at an early screening of ‘Ride Along 2’ in Manchester, England.

Fans of the pair filled the seats at a cinema in Manchester, to watch an early screening of the movie on January 19th, 2016.

Just before the film was due to begin, the two leading actors, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube walked into the room and stunned fans who expected to only see the A-List actors on the screen.

The Printworks posted this video as the pair walked in with the screams and cheers coming from fans in the background.

‘We are so proud of this movie, Ride Along 2. We had to come out to Manchester our self to deliver this movie,’ Ice Cube said upon arrival. ‘We want to thank y’all for being some of the first people in the UK to even see this movie.’

‘We just had amazing success over in the states this week and our movie is currently number one,’ Kevin Hart continued. ‘We don’t like being just content, we want more.’

Hart went on to explain how they didn’t want to just be content with the success of the movie and wanted to go out and ‘deliver our movie first hand,’ and show how ‘passionate’ they are.

‘Actors don’t do this. Me and Cube are cut from a different cloth and we are changing the way movies are promoted.’ Hart continued.

Kevin Hart is currently in the UK on his ‘What Now?’ Tour and is due to perform at Manchester Arena tomorrow evening.

Ride Along 2 is out in cinemas in the UK on January 22nd, 2016.


Written by CelebMix