Kian Lawley Hosts Tumblr Answer Time

On November 7, YouTuber Kian Lawley held his very own Answer Time, on Tumblr, where he responded to fan-submitted questions.

The star, who’s set to appear in Awesomeness TV’s Zac and Mia, answered all kinds of questions, including some about how he stays positive, his favorite projects and his favorite breakfast item.

And for those of you who are unaware of what Tumblr’s Answer Time is, let’s give you a brief update. Answer Time gives users the ability to ask their favorite celebs (actors, musicians, comedians, etc.) some questions and for those celebs to answer their fans directly. Lawley’s Answer Time follows some other notable Q and A sessions — including Demi Lovato, Adam Scott, Connor Franta and All Time Low to name a few. You can check out all the Answer Time sessions here. 

We’ve highlighted some awesome answers here for you:

  • What is your favorite thing to do when it’s raining?” -anonymous
    • Watch movies
  • “besides zac & mia, what’s been you’re favorite project to take part in?”
    • The Hate U Give. It has a really great message
  • “What’s your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal?”
    • omelette, turkey sandwich, pasta
  • “Hi, can u give any advice on how to have a positive mind ??” -anonymous
    • I do my best to steer clear of negativity, focus on the positive, it works for some and for some it doesn’t but it works for me. Ignore negativity.
Make sure you also check out the trailer for Zac and Mia, which is streaming now. We’ve even attached it here for you:

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